Gallery Judy Straten presents work of Ellen Urselmann, Diederik Schneemann and Studio at Design Show Shanghai from February 28th till Mars 2nd. Rolf will show some white and green cutted cabinets and the new table: More
Rolf will show some pieces at the exhibition "Unter Zwischen im Ampelhaus" from Juli 13th till September 20th 2014
Gallery Judy Straten presents work of Ellen Urselmann and Studio at Design Days Dubai from Mars 17th till Mars 21th. Rolf will show a white cutted cabinet, the right part of the broken desk of Juliana and the new table: More
During the exhibition in "The Ampelhaus" in Oranienbaum ( Germany ) my collection Juliana& Rolf was showed. It was part of the exhibition with the theme "King Size" (because of the new king in Holland: More
Exhibition at gallery Judy Straten. All the pieces of the collection " Juliana&Rolf" will be shown at the gallery. Opening April 28th from 15.00 hours. more pictures: click here
During Art Rotterdam 2013 you could see some of my work: NL=US presents a concrete cabinet and some pieces of cut porcelain at RAW Warehouse Santos at Katendrecht, Rotterdam ( everything is sold ) NL=US Ampelhaus presents at "De Boze Wolf" some pieces of cut porcelain and one piece of "the broken desk" from the "Juliana & Rolf" collection Meent 131, Rotterdam De Boze Wolf More
The "Cutting Cabinet" from the collection "Juliana and Rolf" can be seen at the exhibition "Use it Again" In "The Ampelhaus" in Oranienbaum. Sneak Preview April 24th till April 28th, party at April 28th Opening April 30th by Herr Zimmermann, Mayer of Oranienbaum. More
House and Studio "The Black Pearl" is winner of the LAI interior prize 2012
The "Broken Desk" from the collection "Juliana and Rolf" can be seen at the Oranienbaumexhibition 2012 in Orannienbaum, ( Germany, near Berlin ) Opening April 25th by Queen Beatrix.
Studio was presented by galerie Helder during Art Rotterdam 2012 in Paviljoen Rotterdam
Winner of the Dutch Design Public Award 2011 Many thanks!
In march 2011 Rolf has bought some of the furniture from the estate of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. He will transform them into new pieces. The collection contains at this moment a desk, a cupboard, four chairs and two tables, but it will grow into more pieces. More
Rolf showed his new series lamps “ Protect me” during the Dutch Design Week 2010. Loction: “klokgebouw” Strijp S Eindhoven: 23/ 31 ocktober. For more information:
On april 9th 2010 Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam has opened the new studio and house. Both have been completely and newly rebuilt in an existing building in Rotterdam. You were welcome at 17.00 hr to take a look! More
In the second half of 2010 during the exhibition in the NHow in Milan Studio has showed a couple of new pieces among which the Tapis Table and two Benches.
Rolf has presented his new series "cutting cabinets" during the Milan Design Week in Zona Tortona at the terrace of café Bigné . The theme of sawing and cutting up has been further developed and is now no longer the endpoint of the transformation. More has visited Eindhoven with his chainsaw…. You could see the result in the Dutch Design Week from 17/25 oktober 2009 in the “ Klokgebouw, Hal 2 “
Milan, Februari, 22 nd 2009, Lenght: 2 min. 46 sec.
Milan, Zona Tortona, April, 23 rd 2009, Length: 2.39 min.
Rotterdam, March, 7 th 2009, Length: 2 min 01 sec